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-and I’m never gonna stop

-and I’m never gonna stop
Super Junior, Friendship, Gen, 1,322 words
Eunhyuk-centric, Heechul being Heechul, Sungmin/Ryeowook bffs
~Concert planning is never easy. Luckily, Eunhyuk just has to look around him for inspiration and motivation. There’s always his willing bandmates right?

Author's notes: A result from the flood of overwhelming and conflicting emotions after watching EXO perform ‘Happiness’, and Super Junior perform ‘Miracle’ during SM Town Week.

“Pretty?” Heechul gestures to the bright sunflower scarf knotted around his neck. The coordi-dongseng fingers the ends, adjusting the angle till she finds it suitable.

There’s a spark in the air, enfolded in the glow of unusual enthusiasm, as every members’ face is stretched wide in identical blinding grins; seizing a moment of exuberance and dumb optimism with their crinkled eye lines and laugh lines, belying eight laborious years spent navigating the torrid waters of the entertainment industry.

Young-woon catches Eunkyuk’s eyes and mimes strangling Heechul behind his back, but Eunhyuk knows it’s all in good jest.

He hopes.

It has been two hours since the start of their meeting; Eunhyuk now kind of wants to curl up like a sautéed prawn and cry.

According to Sungmin’s Checklist, they had so far accomplished two objectives. This was good news. The bad news was that they had ten more to go.  If Eunkyuk were to approximate by the rules of correlation, this would mean ten more hours of excruciating concert planning.

He tries to focus on the current matter of interest; although to be honest, there was something slightly disconcerting about the fact that nine grown men had spent the last twenty-three minutes debating on suit colors for one song.

“Personally,” Shindong drums his pen on the table, “Isn’t pearl blue the most obvious choice?”

“And that’s why it’s borrring!” Heechul gripes. “Yah, if we want to do it right let’s go for bright pink.”

Kyuhyun falls off his seat in a combination of horror and laughter.

Ryeowook looks up from his Galaxy S, having been reviewing their past video performances. Donghae is perched on his shoulder, an arm splayed across Ryeowook’s back like a hibernating sloth. “I think we’ve almost covered the whole color spectrum in our performances.”

“Well that’s helpful.” Heechul rolls his eyes, when Siwon abruptly pounds Heechul’s back with much fervor.

“Hyung! How about rainbow suits!”

Heechul chokes on his spit and swears passionately.

Eunhyuk tries his best to remember Leader’s Lessons 101 (how to keep calm when one or more members seem high on nothing but air). He squeezes his eyes shut in meditation, but when he opens them, Siwon is still eagerly staring at him; bushy eyebrows raised high in expectation.

Luckily, Siwon is distracted when Kangin’s phone buzzes on the table. Young-woon swipes at the screen and coughs to get everyone’s attention, then announces, “Well, Jeong-su hyung recommends yellow. He says it's the cheeriest color he knows. Perfect for the song.”

The group mutters, and then choruses their grudging concurrence.

Sungmin pens down‘ SUNSHINE YELLOW.’ in bold lettering, and proceeds to check the box off the Checklist with a satisfying tick.

“Next on the list,” Sungmin officiates as he pushes up his lens-less frames, “Packed lunch options.”

Choreography was the least of their worries, having had the ease of adaptability after incidents with members dropping out (like flies!) and rotating (through army!).

(Ryeowook had also since then, discovered sturdier shoe-lifts that wouldn’t allow for flying shoe skirmishes during the song.)

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, as Eunhyuk would later reflect), Heechul had shuffled over to Shindong during the short break between practices, and mumbled that he would do the dance interlude section with the other three. Shindong had asked incredulously in his boisterous voice, if Heechul was actually serious in his intent.

Aside, Kyuhyun almost got up to protest, but Donghae was quicker with a well-placed elbow on Kyuhyun’s shoulder blade.

A homage to his friend, of sorts.

(Kyuhyun would later also insist on doing the wave with his hands for Kibum’s part. Only fitting, he says, since it was always Kibum’s style.)

“You do realize that if we use the original track, we’re going to do this fully old school?”

Eunhyuk nods, already thinking of 2006, and a stage that used to be so crammed, scrawny young men with hairstyles that would shame a lion’s mane, and multiple piercings of metal dangly earings; with fierce dreams and a smoldering anger to prove themselves against detractors from their own company, who regarded them as spare parts, disposables, and a waste of effort. A group not defined by age, talent, or looks-

“Earth to Anchovy!” Shindong snaps his fingers irritably against Eunkyuk’s glassy eyes. Eunhyuk cracks his neck from left to right and lets out a contented sigh

“Yes, yes. Old school with the crazy hair?”

Shindong looks positively maddened, face solemn like an oblong hareubang. “Old school bubblegum-pop. With the high jumps. And the preppy bobbing around on invisible pongo-sticks.”

Eunhyuk shrugs, “If Shinhwa can still dance to Eusha Eusha, I don’t see why we can’t.” He wiggles his butt to the chorus of the song. “See? Simple!”

He deliberately chooses to ignore Shindong’s disgruntled mutters of “I’d like to see you try getting Heechul-hyung to zoom around the stage like an zippy airplane.”

While on his way to his mid-morning coffee break, Eunhyuk comes across a despondent Sungmin and Ryeowook in the hallway. They are plastered against the small window of one of the practice room doors, two diminutive figures swathed in Christmas colors of red and greens, emitting soft sighs every few seconds.

“Okay, you guys need some morning coffee too.” Eunhyuk pounces upon the both of them, wrapping his arms around their shoulders as he pushes his face in between them to peer through the glass window. “Why are you spying on your juniors?”

Sungmin taps a finger at the window. “SM Town week dance practice.” and heaves another long sigh,  ”Just feeling nostalgic.”

“And old.” Ryeowook surmises.

Eunhyuk frowns and takes another glance into the practice room. Luhan has hands on his stomach in loud laughter as Jongdae and Yixing do a dance routine that Eunhyuk recognizes in an instant. Even with the excellent soundproofing, there’s no mistaking the swinging arm motions and left-right jumps on the spot with fist pumps. He softly hums the chorus in time to the performed steps, and ends in sync with the duo waving their hands in old nineties boy-band fashion.

Eunhyuk sighs, and Sungmin looks at him pointedly. “Guess what EXO-K is performing for their segment.”

There’s an uncomfortable coldness in Eunhyuk’s stomach, but logic reasons with him otherwise. They have had great seniors’ songs to perform, so Super Junior songs would list way down. On the other hand-

“Happiness.” Ryeowook interjects. “Technically it’s not ours, but still…”

Eunhyuk weighs the significance of the song choice.

“Come on.” He links his arms with the duo, “No use worrying about this. Let’s get some A-me-ri-ca-no-es~” ,singing the last word.

Sungmin breathes an even deeper sigh, and Ryeowook chuckles. “And here we were just talking about how the EXO members drink bubble-tea everyday without having to worry about their weight.”

“You’re an wonderfully horrible person to cheer people up.” Sungmin frowns. “But I’ll take that free Americano thank you.”

“Me too!” Ryeowook chrips. He reaches around Eunhyuk to pat Sungmin’s back. “It’s not as if we can’t do this anymore. I bet if they played our very first single, we’d still be able to dance like we did then.”

The winter air bites at their bare ankles as they cross the street to the coffee shop around the corner, ignoring the DSLRs pointed their way. It is when the sting of black coffee rejuvenates Eunhyuk, that his brain starts whirring away.

“Kyuhyun is crying!” Young-woon whispers gleefully as the lights dim, and the members scramble to get towels and bottled water for their ment break.

Shindong budges in at Young-woon’s side. “Donghae as well. Drinks on you tonight!”

Kangin makes a face, “Remind me why our band mates are such crybabies again?”

“We love them anyway.” Heechul drawls, and tilts Eunhyuk’s head up so that the tears don’t smear his mascara. “Our very own dysfunctional little family.”

“Our miracle.” Eunhyuk smiles, and flinches contentedly at the three hand-swats that land on his back simultaneously.


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Jan. 7th, 2014 05:05 pm (UTC)
well good bye make up!! I watched the video of the performance after that I reed your fic !!! you can imaging my tears rolling down.

really beautiful , thank you !!!!

Edited at 2014-01-07 05:05 pm (UTC)
Jan. 10th, 2014 03:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you for commenting! I had so many feels watching that video too:)
Jan. 11th, 2014 07:01 am (UTC)
oooh my feels :') this is beautifully written and yoh capture their characters well, including their insecurities
Jan. 12th, 2014 09:19 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting! Yep, but to me, more than seeing exo as rivals, its like sungmin and ryeowook were seeing what sj was/could have been as a whole group tgt. Glad you liked the fic:)
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